Succinic Anhydride

Succinic Anhydride
  • China
  • One week
  • 5000MT per annum
  • ≥99.5%
  • 108-30-5

Raw materials for coatings, pharmaceuticals, synthetic resins and dyes

Succinic Anhydride


  Product Name Succinic anhydride
  CAS No. 108-30-5
  EINECS No. 203-570-0
  Molecular Formula C4H4O3
  Molecular Weight 100.07 g·mol-1
  Flash Point 147 °C (297 °F)
  Density 1.23 g/cm3
  Purity (%) ≥99.5
  Succinic acid (%)  ≤0.2
 White cystals

  Stored in a well-ventilated place.
  Keep container closed.

succinic acid anhydride

Succinic anhydride is a food processing aid that plays an important role in many ways:

Production of alkyd resins, ion exchange resins in the synthetic resin industry;

Preparation of glass fiber reinforced plastics in the plastics industry;

Plant growth regulators in the pesticide industry;

It also plays an important role in the synthesis of pharmaceutical esters.

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